a pictoral presentation on typical stall installation....
Your project may vary, so be sure to take advantage of our free tech support,
and a written prescriptive application to meet your project conditions and goals!

step 1....base layer
step 2....level the floor
step 3....install the HoofGrid
step 4....add some more!
step 5....cutting around obstacles
step 6....setting the HoofGrid
step 7....filling the HoofGrid
step 8....tamping the p-gravel
HoofGrid stall floor completed
step 9....add the bedding....done!

When using the above system, below is an explanation of how VersiGrid™ will reduce your monthly operational expenses,
when used it in stall flooring,
as opposed to any impervious stall flooring (rubber mats, non-engineered compacted dirt or stone, etc.),

» a summary of how it works, and
» a list of some of the advantages of using Horse-Friendly alternatives in your equine operation.

SUMMARY - How it Works:

1) If you use Rubber Horse Mats: (or any impervious flooring, which includes compacted/impervious soil floors)
URINE will be pooled/puddled and trapped within the stall environment, by the impervious stall flooring.
» The stall bedding will absorb this urine, slowly releasing the odors + ammonia vapors into the air.
Throughout the day, the AMMONIA VAPORS from the slowly evaporating urine will be released into the stall, and into
the horse's lungs.
The amount of fouled bedding will include both:
SOME bedding, which is adhered to the manure, plus ...
URINE-SOAKED bedding, which is saturated with Ammonia-bearing urine.
Resulting in: "a wheelbarrow or two of fouled bedding each day"

2) If you use VersiGrid™ - providing Hoof-Healthy, Horse-Healthy and Earth-Friendly Natural Footing stall flooring
NO URINE will be pooled/puddled - because the natural stall flooring will allow instantaneous infiltration of the urine into
the subsoil.
» Therefore, the stall bedding will remain dry, clean, wholesome and vapor-free.
Throughout the day, NO AMMONIA VAPORS will be released into the stall, or into the horse's lungs.
The amount of fouled bedding will include:
ONLY the bedding which is adhered to the manure, but ...
Resulting in: "a bucket or two of bedding each day"
Spending: less money, less time, and less waste management expenses, and ...
Spending: more time with the horse and rider, instead of managing the horse's waste ...

Advantages …
(a) Pocket-Book Friendly
(b) Horse-Friendly and Hoof-Healthy
(c) Earth-Friendly

(a) Pocket-Book Friendly: the amount of urine / horse / day will depend upon the stall
owner's maintenance habits, the length of time / day the horse is confined to the stall, and the amount of urine excreted
during that time in the stall.
(1) Consequently, the amount of increased bedding that must be removed daily will vary, from stall to stall, from
stable to stable, and so on ...
(2) Whatever your personal stall maintenance system, and whatever your horse's urine output,
~ Expect a reduction of bedding replacement, based upon the amount of bedding removed because it is saturated
with urine.
~ With VersiGrid™, the only bedding which will require daily removal is that which is adhered to the manure (NO
saturated bedding, no vapors, less labor)
(3) Example, for operations which:
~ confine the horses overnight for approximately 8-10 hours / day:
» expect a minimum decrease in bedding costs of 25%, probably closer to 50% or more ...
~ confine the horse 12 hours / day or more:
» expect a reduction in fouled bedding by 67% to 80%
That is real money you are spending, going out of your monthly operations budget, every single day...

(b) Horse-Friendly and Hoof-Healthy:
(1) No urine-soaked bedding: means LESS STRESS on the horse (horses will assiduously separate their "business
area" from the rest of their territory, often selecting the lowest corner of the pasture or paddock - because they do not like
standing in their own filth any more than would a human)
(2) Dry Hooves and dry bedding means: fewer incidences of hoof-related syndromes and health issues.
(3) No ammonia vapors mean: a lower incidence of lung syndromes/diseases which result from inhaling ammonia

(c) Earth-Friendly:
~ The reduced amount of fouled bedding will also carry little-if-any nutrients derived from urine (the main source of
Nonpoint Source Pollutants from agricultural waste)
~ The fouled bedding that must DAILY be removed/stored/managed will therefore have a much lower incidence of
[these SOLVENTS (urine-soaked bedding containing ammonia) greatly increases the amount of soluble/free
organic chemicals present in the manure pile.]
~ Resulting in a much lower possibility of nutrients being leached into the surface water, and on into our rivers, lakes
and streams ...
~ And resulting in a greatly reduced MASS of fouled bedding, which must be removed or composted.

Cost to Benefit Spreadsheet:
Use this Excel spreadsheet to calculate your cost and savings benefit if your bedding is Shavings or similar