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This Web-Based Gravel/Sand/Topsoil Calculator and Conversion Tool easily converts American/British units of distance or length measurements into cubic yards (yd³) required for home improvement jobs. square feet, square yards, cubic yards, yd³, square inches, depth, height, length, width, w x l x h, w x l x d, table, calculationa of square feet times depth = cubic yards, and so forth...
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This web-based calculator (using simple javascript to perform the calcuations: Quickly and easily converts an area's dimension in "Feet Wide" by "Feet Long" by "Inches Deep" or "Inches High" into cubic yards. It is commonly used by residential homeowners or do-it-yourselfers to determine how much gravel, sand, or topsoil they require, when constructing a driveway or parking area. May also be used for gardeners, contractors who are installing our porous pavers, subcontractors, or other persons / builders in the green building industry.
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Know your dirt. Availability varys greatly by location. Transporting soil adds greatly to the overall cost. The $5-$10/ton sand may cost upward of $50 per load to transport. Minimize the transport miles by purchasing soil and surface materials locally - as close to the site as is available. Work with a local landscaping or construction company when possible to cut down on transportation costs.

Length in feet Enter the length of your area in feet
Width in feet Enter the width of your area in feet
Depth in inches Enter the depth in inches
Cubic Yards - this is what you will need to transport

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