StabiliGrid™ and HoofGrid™. Environmentally sound soil stabilization systems - available for eco-friendly or horse hoof-friendly ecoraster permanent ground solutions: driveway, parking, paddock or stables, sidewalks or sloped-earth sod anchoring ecogrid.

With consideration of the past and current economic climate in the USA,
and the need to generate jobs and support business relationships right here at home, to help our economy get back on track,
along with other planned considerations,
Eco-Terr is proud to announce the availability of the StabiliGrid® & HoofGrid® brand soil stabilizing grid systems
made right here in the USA by American business and workers, from American recycled plastic!

The same superior quality and sustainability you have come to expect, with some key changes to the size and look!
These product changes came about based on our customer input, which we greatly appreciate!
-Slightly different look:
So we can differentiate from previous versions and other competitive products:
-New dimensions:
   Grid units will be traditional American measurements for construction materials (Inches)
       :Each grid unit will be 12 inches x 12 inches square.
Initially, 2 grades currently available:
M/D1.5  (formerly known as 40 grade) which is 1.5 inches tall.
H/D 2.0 (formerly known as H/D grade) which is 2 inches tall.
Other grades are in the works for future release.
The  standard color will still be Black as always, with an option of Green when available, or for large project special orders.

HoofGrid Std Duty economy grade is on the way!

As an aside, and in full disclosure,
It was always our business plan,
and our full intention,
to partner with the German manufacturer (who previously produced our brands) in USA production,
which we made perfectly clear to them during our business development negotiations in 2006.
Eco-Terr Distributing Inc. solely established the brands StabiliGrid & HoofGrid in North America back in May of 2005,
and has supported these brands with minimal support from the German Mfg'r.
There has been no public acknowledgement of our brands by the German Mfg'r in any of their marketing,
or in any of there European markets. Our sole intention was to establish relative American brands, and ultimately, and American-made product.
When it came time to produce our brands in North America, they have chosen a different path which did not align with our intentions.
They have come to North America  with their European brand and business philosophy,
and directly challenge American businesses like Eco-Terr, Invisible Structures, and Presto, to name a few.
And they will be doing this from Canada, in anticipation of shipping most of their production to the USA.

We understand the need for a balance of import/export, but right now America is way out of balance.
Now, more than ever, we need to meet the import challenge!
American business needs to focus on "made in America" to help our economy get back on track and provide
real confidence to our workforce and their future.
We intend to meet that challenge, head on!
Our first American manufacturer has been well screened, is well established, and has many years of experience
in high-quality injection molding production.
Their current American employees offer decades of experience in both tooling and production,
and from what we understand, our contract will provide additional, much needed stability for the current workforce.
And with your support,
as our volumes and product line increase as anticipated,
very soon, additional equipment and workforce will be required, all-American additions, working toward a brighter tomorrow!
And we will not stop there!
we expect to help in offsetting the export imbalance as well,
and are already cultivating relationships outside the USA, and hope to begin exporting as soon as late 2016!

So, if you are looking for:
-a high quality natural grass or gravel permeable pavement (residential, commercial, industrial),
-sustainable mud control at your farm or equestrian facility,
-Structural erosion control for slopes,
then we ask you to please put every effort into buying "Made in America" products!
Even if you should choose another competitive American product instead of StabiliGrid & HoofGrid,
your purchase of American-made products would be greatly appreciated and will directly affect our economic recovery.
Ten's of Thousands of square feet of the new models have already been shipped all over America and into Canada as well!

So again, thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to servicing your needs, now and in the future.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles A Baker, President
Eco-Terr Distributing Inc
Corp Office
Sammamish,WA, USA

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