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We are the Distributor & Manufacturer's Support.
We provide information about these products, and we provide wholesale and retail Sales Support.
We may either:
offer products directly to customers,
or through our distributorship/dealership/retailer network. (Click) » Locations & Stores.
The suggested retail pricing (MSRP) information below is provided to allow our customers to estimate the product cost for their project.
 Please remember that for any bulk material, the shipping costs may need to be considered.  

Local Pricing - All costs are local, and all pricing is local. In order to provide superior purchasing options to our national and international clients and customers, we do not attempt to restrict your purchasing or procurement options.  Please be advised that shipping costs are relevant, and should be included in any cost comparison, as well as installation costs and expected lifespan.
Cost comparisons, apples to apples - The only relevant price information is:
(1) How much delivered to my door?
(2) Does the quality meet all my requirements?
(3) How much does it cost to install correctly?
(4) How long will it last me?

Please remember: Different retailers in different regions may have different retail prices.  They have different shipping costs, local taxes, business costs, etc.  Many retailers' prices may be similar to the MSRP, please contact them concerning the local retail price.

 SHIPPING COSTS:   Custom shipping must be calculated on a per-order basis.
There is no "flat rate shipping" on these types of  bulk/palletized ecoraster/ecogrid building materials.
How to calculate the MSRP, retail price:
(Step 1) Get the MSRP: (our Published Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)
("Right Click" and select "Save Target As...") >> www.ecoterr.com/retail-price.pdf
(Step 2) Look up your price:  Determine the Volume Price Break, for the quantity you require.
Please notice that we have several different products and grades.
There is no "one size fits all" product, or grade, or installation method for these types of products.
If you require assistance in determining which product or grade that you require for any specific project:
» please provide as much information about your project as you can so that we may provide a quality reply.
(Step 3) Calculate your quote:   (the number of square feet you require) X (the Retail Price for that quantity) = Your Quote
(Step 4) your next step is to contact Eco-Terr and/or the nearest retail source, and get a delivered quote.  Many are able to provide "will call" or "you pick it up" ordering.
Review the ECO-TERR return policies and procedures. 
Our Guarantee:  We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products available today.  All products are warranted to be free of manufacturer's defects. If there is a problem with an item, or if you find the quality to be less than satisfactory, please let us know!...click here...for details
Returns and refunds:  We want our customers to be happy. If something is not right, please call or e-mail us. We will exchange or refund your full purchase price for you within 30 days of receipt.   For your protection all returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorization.  This will ensure that the returned product will be credited to you.
Return Authorizations:  All merchandise must be returned to us in unused condition in the original packaging with all tags intact prior to exchange or refund. ECO-TERR will pay the return shipping for any errors we might make in filling your order.  If you ordered the wrong product, and are able to return it in new condition stated above, you may return it (with prior Return Authorization) for a full refund of the Purchase Price. You are responsible for the return shipping cost  request a return .
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For your protection  - We do not offer an online shopping purchase. Please select a local retail, wholesale, or contractor/installer for pricing information in your area. (Click) » Locations & Stores.
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