The premier LID erosion control technology from Europe, the original German-engineered...

What High-Turbulence, Overflow/Spillway Infiltration assets and retention ponds could look like ...

Simple, low environmental Profile construction ...
Easy to pre-assemble, or may be assembled in-site if the slope gradient allows ...

Slide the structure into place ...

If necessary, anchor to subsoil using J-Hooks ...

Proceed with vegetation of the structure ...

Environmental Technology - pervious, ecologically sound steep slope stabilization and erosion control.Slope stabilization surface reinforcement with natural drainage and vegetation
LID - Low Impact Development
minimally disruptive soil disturbance
minimally disruptive soil compaction
retains native infiltration
retains natural vegetation growth root zones
restorable to previous natural state (system may also be recycled and reused :: fully relocatable and convertible)
BSD - Better Site Design
environmentally sound pervious structure
ecologically compatible with native surroundings
extreme slope gradient surface reinforcement reflecting native vegetation
LID - Low Impact Development, and BSD - Better Site Design, infiltration-based stormwater runoff management and erosion control technologies.Protect against erosion and water turbulence by reinforcing slopes and embankments with StabiliGridô
Reinforcing slopes and embankments with a reliable system for protection against erosion has always been a central talking point in road construction, reservoir and spillway design,  and hardscaping or softscaping.

The fundamental requirements for use in this area are optimally fulfilled by StabiliGridô.
When installed, a StabiliGridô sloped surface stabilization structure:
permanently holds back the forces of erosion due to water turbulence or precipitation runoff,
with its patented, self-stabilizing, high-tensile-strength, flexible + durable construction,
with over 200 expansion joints per square meter.
That's why the StabiliGridô, which is certified by the German TÜV (Technical Supervisory Association) as being environmentally neutral in accordance with DIN 38412, is perfectly compatible with nature, despite its extreme durability.
That makes StabiliGridô the ideal ground reinforcement system for challenging ground and water construction projects alike. The water regulating properties of the open grid construction make a laid StabiliGridô surface a permeable solution, which reflects natural conditions - just as it should be in the perfect ecological policy.

Back to nature with StabiliGridô
After preparing the slope's surface, the  StabiliGridô sections can be installed and, if required, anchored using J-Hooks or ground pins (only necessary on extremely steep slopes).
The grids can then be filled with earth and the suitable seeds sown.
After a few weeks the grids are substantially turfed and fit in with their surroundings by blending into the natural scenery.
StabiliGridô offers immediate and permanent protection against erosion,
... which will continue to be strengthened by the development and growth of vegetation root networks beneath the large vegetation surface.

On a tight project deadline?
For those who cannot wait that long for the green vegetation, there is always the quick version: the pre-grown StabiliGridô grass modules, which offer you a fresh green surface within just a few hours.  Contact your local supplier concerning the availability.
Ö that rainfall and turbulence will never again pose a problem!
The ground plays an important role in the natural cycle of water.
StabiliGridô absorbs and stores rainwater, on a large scale returning it to groundwater reserves, filtering the water on the way back into the earth, and then releases it back into the atmosphere via evaporation or vegetation transpiration.

If the natural cycle of water is interrupted, this begins to destroy the ecosystemís natural functions. Natural surfaces preserve ...
The cleansing of the surface of the Earth,
Percolation of rainfall into the soil,
Purification of the water Ė by natural microorganisms,
Natural filtration instead of runoff,
While recharging the groundwater and aquifers.

The consequences of conventional impervious (concrete) embankments are:
a higher and quicker surface runoff into the sewers, flood catastrophes,
lowering of the groundwater level,
deterioration of the microclimate,
as well as the desolation of the landscape and populated areas.

For new developments or expansions of residential areas and industrial zones, the use of conventional stormwater management plans (diversion, retention cisterns, infiltration ponds and assets, and surface reinforcements) ...
therefore also artificially and unnecessarily inflating the cost of development,
while consuming an increasingly large portion of development project costs.
StabiliGridô reinforced stormwater retention assets allow the controlled re-absorption of rainwater over a large surface area:
This solution reflects the natural conditions and can be made perfect by the addition of optional measures such as the inclusion of greenery.
This may be achieved easily by planting the slopes above the lining of the tank.

StabiliGridô has all the physical attributes required to guarantee long term necessary surface stability of the often quite steep slopes, and to incorporate downhill-slope forces safely.
» Permanent sedimentation and runoff prevention.
» Supports healthy, verdant grass growth.
» Prevents soil or surface migration.
» Prevents compaction, or damage to root zones, due to pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
» Lightweight, flexible + durable = low impact design.
» Fracture-resistant + Flexible (not HDPE-based)
» Stability of shape from -58° to + 194° F || 100% Recycled Content.
» German-engineered to support public vehicular roadway traffic, commercial or industrial, military and construction traffic.

Physical Characteristics:
» Compressive Strength: * 385 to 132 tons / m²
» Vehicular LOAD: 22.45 tons / axle
» Porosity: * 82% to 90 % [*depending upon grade]
» Max. Shear Load, Horizontal Connectors: 1,400 Kilograms / m
» Tensile Strength of contiguous structure: 5.6 kilonewtons / m


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