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 What can you build using VersiGrid™?
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StabiliGrid for grass firelane emergency accessStabiliGrid grass driveway and gravel driveway
Manufactured from recycled Plastic:
Durable + lightweight.
Strong + flexible.
is easy to handle, and easily adapted to fit any shape.

No special training required!
Go Green:
By creating a grass parking, grass pavers or grass driveway.
There is no need to create a level area. Its fast and easy installation saves both labor and cost.
Gravel surfaces:
StabiliGrid® may be filled with high-drainage stone.  This allows rainfall to percolate directly into the soil,
as Nature intended,
instead of carrying pollutants into our rivers, lakes and streams.

Advantages that count . . .
Quick and easy to install ...
Up to 1,000 sq. ft. / man-hour  
... due to its light weight
(as little as 15 lbs per layer)
High strength and durability...
(up to 35 tons per square foot)
Strong interlocking system...
Surface reinforcement with natural drainage...

Extremely versatile, it may be cut to shape using common hand or power tools.     
Low-or-No maintenance
crack proof: remains elastic + flexible from minus 58 to plus 194 degrees Fahrenheit.     
Weatherproof and environmentally friendly
Withstands freezing and UV radiation
It resists expansion due to high ground temperatures
Does not crack or break due to winter groundsurges or vehicle traffic.

Areas of use ...
Car parking and access roads
Emergency access routes & fire lanes
Construction site paths and staging areas
Helicopter landing places
Slope retention and erosion control
Pervious Parking - green grass parking lots
Pervious Parking - natural crushed gravel roadways and driveways
Tree or grass root protection from traffic
Slopes and embankments stabilization

Strong and flexible!
The system is manufactured from 100% recycled reinforced PE (Polyethylene).  It is able to withstand climate extremes from minus 58° to +194° Fahrenheit, while remaining flexible and retaining its shape. 
VersiGrid™ is NOT manufactured using HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), because HDPE is highly inappropriate for any vehicular traffic surface:
HDPE's rigidity = fragility/brittleness
 How it works . . .         
Load-bearing capacity: up to 70,000 lbs. per square foot.: Working on the ‘snowshoe principle,’ the grids disperse the weight of thevehicles or foot traffic over a larger surface area.

How strong was that?
During installation, maintenance, or normal usage – earthmoving equipment, tractors, steamrollers or fully loaded dump trucks may be driven on top of the grids.

The entire system interlocks, creating a contiguous, single structure upon the face of the earth: Pervious, yet Permanent!

The  interlocking system sets new standards . . .
The system ensures a strong connection between the individual pieces of grid.
Resulting in a contiguous layer that permanently prevents the intermingling of the subsoil with the top cover.
Operating on “the snowshoe principal,” this contiguous layer disperses vehicles’ weights over a greater surface area.
Meaning your car or truck (or dump truck or steamroller) simply does not weigh enough to press the top layer down into the subsoil.

~ As diverse as nature itself ~
The soil reinforcement system may be adapted to existing conditions.  Once installed, providing high strength and durability.

 ~ Backfill and Seeding ~
For grass vehicular surfaces (parking and roadways) we recommend sand/humus mixtures (in a 60/40 ratio). The grids may be filled to within approximately ½” below the tops of the cells.
Hydro-seeding or sod laying may also be an option.
~ Further applications ~

For other areas of use, such as equestrian footing and flooring, temporary or permanent overflow parking, outdoor event flooring, etc:|: VersiGrid™ applications have also been developed.  Contact Us for more information.

Step 1:   
We’ve already saved you some work. Individual grids are pre-connected in easy-to-install units. This means you may install many grids at a time.
Step 2:
 The rows are placed up against the already installed grids, and the grid-locking tabs and slots are aligned.
Step 3:  
 You can now snap the  layer  into place with your foot.
Step 4:
Done in a flash!  - the grids are locked into place and anchored. This rules out the possibility of raised edges or migration.
 LEED Credit Points attainable using VersiGrid™ porous paving systems.
Credit 5.1 Reduced Site Disturbance (Protect or Restore Open Space)
Credit 5.2 Reduced Site Disturbance (Development Footprint)
Credit 6.1 Stormwater Management (Rate or Quantity)
Credit 6.2 Stormwater Management (Treatment)
Credit 7.1 Landscape and Exterior Design to Reduce Heat Islands (Non-Roof)
Credit 7.1 Landscape and Exterior Design to Reduce Heat Islands (Roof)
Water Efficiency Credit:
Credit 1.1 Water Efficient Landscaping (Reduce by 50%)
Credit 2 Innovative Wastewater Technologies
Materials and Resources:
Credit 3.1 and 3.2 Resource Reuse, Specify 5% to 10%
Credit 4.1 and 4.2 Recycled Content, Specify 25% to 50%
Energy & Atmosphere Credits:
Credit 1.1-1.5 Optimize Energy Performance,20-60% New/10-50% Existing
Innovation & Design Process

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