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Thank you for your interest.
A Business Opportunity is currently available for the distribution of the products branded VersiGrid™, to be sold to Civil, Commercial, Residential customers and/or businesses, as well as to Equine or Livestock Agribusiness, dealing with, or requiring, environmentally sound solutions for soil and ground water preservation.
We currently offer three types of partnerships, some of which require little or no inventory investment.
We invite you to read the descriptions below and to apply for a Partnership using either our:
Printable Application (which may be completed manually and Faxed or mailed to us).
Three  levels of participation are currently available for our sales partners:
You may participate in one of three programs.
The Dealer is the Point of Sale
Sales Rep draws a commission  MORE>>
Retailer/Reseller purchases ANY QUANTITY   
and/or closest stocking Dealer or Distributor
And sells directly to the customer  MORE>>
Stocking Dealer follows minimum ordering standards, maintaining its own inventory
Receives superior wholesale pricing
Is able to set up local Retailer/Reseller accounts  MORE>>
Commissioned Independent Sales Representative - CISR  
1) Either an individual or an existing business may participate at this level.
2) The CISR will initiate the sale, completing a CISR Sales Referral Form.
3) The CISR then forwards the sales referral form.
4) Dealer POS partner will perform the actual sale:
Adding any shipping, sales tax, etc.
Collecting payment from the Customer, and
Arranging delivery.

How this program works:
1)  You will receive:
a commission for Sales Reps
2)  The customer will receive a bill from Dealer participant, who will complete the sale, collecting payment and charge sales tax, etc.
3) The customer would be eligible for any Quantity Price Breaks that may be available.
4) You will receive a commission based on square feet sold, regarydless of the sales price (excluding sales tax, shipping/handling).
5) In order to participate in this CISR program, all you would need to do is:
fill out the customer's contact info,
include the quantity required,
and send it to Dealer for processing.
6) Upon completion of the sale, the CISR receives a check at regular, pre-established intervals.
Retailer/Reseller Program: DOES NOT require minimum purchases  

~ A Retailer is an Open-To-The-Public retail establishment.
~ A Reseller is a business that promotes and sells its products without using a Walk-in retail store.

All act as the Retail Point-of-Sale
You would officially be selling out of your business, requiring you to invoice and collect payment from your Customers, including any shipping/handling charges and sales tax (if applicable).

You may place inventory purchases in two manners, depending upon your preferences:
1) On-Demand Retailer/Reseller:
sell on a per/customer basis (order in exact pre-sold quantities, on a per-sale basis),
2) Inventory Retailer/Reseller:
The Retailer/Reseller acts as the Point of Sale
They will maintain their own shelf-stock and/or back-stock inventories
Full pallet purchasing required
NO minimum annual purchase or sales requirements

 Delivery costs will be added to your orders, if applicable.
Delivery costs should be taken into consideration when considering your sales price.
Dealer Program: DOES require minimum purchases. 

1) Truckload Stocking Dealer:
Terms of payment to be established on a "per Dealer" basis.
a) Dealer may act as both a "Point of Sale" directly to customers, and as the Wholesaler to the Resellers in their region, (the latter is optional)
b) Dealer will be required to maintain inventory.
c) Minimum purchase quantities ARE required of the Dealer:
This does require minimum individual order quantities
The minimum order quantity is:
20 pallets or more. full pallets only, directly shipped to your business by semi-truck and unloaded by your warehouse team
d) Minimum annual purchases ARE NOT required.
e) Delivery costs may be added to your orders (if applicable).

Getting Started . . .

We invite you to apply for a Partnership using either: