Provided courtesy of the Kitsap CD (USDA/NRCS Conservation District).
Thank you Brian Stahl.
Pierce Conservatin District Farm HoofGrid Demonstration Installation
Calculating Flow Rates in agricultural HUA (heavy usage areas): (right click and select "Save ...")
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HoofGrid Demonstration Area provided with the assistance of Erin and René at the Pierce Conservation District :
(Since 1861 Moril Land Grant Act, the USDA/NRCS, Natural Resource Conservation Service, sometimes referred to as "the soil and water conservation service" or simply as "the District")
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The Original Footing and Flooring Grid System
For Agricultural and Equestrian Applications

Used in: Paddocks, Dry Lots, Turnouts, Barns, Confinement Facilities, Feedlots, Aisles and Loadout Areas,  and more . . .

A Permanent Solution: to Muddy Ground and Paddocks Surface Problems
Also Supports Heavy-Vehicle Traffic - either during Installation or Regular Maintenance